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A PAGE 1 ranking for your Videos and Articles is the Internet Marketers FIRST objective and the most valuable Real Estate on the Internet.

Can We Agree On That?

Of course we can, and without that #1 ranking nobody will every find you. Getting on Page 1 of Google is the Holy Grail for all marketers, and I’M GOING TO SHOW EXACTLY HOW TO DO THAT

In the video below, I am going to show you exactly how I created a consistent and growing daily income from a simple web site using the strategies we are going to teach you in the Video Marketing Scholars member program. Watch the video below, and I’ll even take you inside my bank, and show you how much money this little bitty web site makes.

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  • Step-by-Step instructions and demonstrations on how to create highly effective, converting talking head videos using only your webcam or smartphone
  • Step-by-Step instructions and demonstrations how to create Screen Capture videos
  • Learn Exactly how to script your videos for maximum impact
  • Learn where to get all the free images you will ever need for your videos
  • Learn how to insert images into your video
  • Learn simple ways to edit your videos or the best and cheapest places to outsource them
  • Step-by-Step instructions on how to build your FOUNDATION key word list (vital to your success)
  • The number 1 place to go to outsource the perfect keyword list
  • The specific path you need to send your visitors down so that they will do what you want them to do
  • Learn what to avoid and who to avoid to save you time, energy and money
  • Regular live webinars with Scott and Ray to give you the latest updates and teach you and answer your questions
  • When Google changes the rules, you will be the first to know and we will teach you exactly how to handle the inevitable changes that happen almost weekly
  • Compare VMS to any other video marketing program out there at any price and if you don’t agree we are the best fit for you, we give you your money back

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you

We have made it so easy for you

to achieve your marketing goals, all you have to do is follow our simple formula as outlined in these easy to follow classrooms.

Still not convinced?

Check this out. Here is what Kathy R. was able to achieve in just a few weeks. This is REAL, this is RECENT, this is the latest greatest stuff available, none of that OLD, STALE information you get with some of the other courses out there: (click on any of the images below)

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you


I am thanking you for making me rock on google and youtube Ray & Scott! First I want to say that I am so thankful that everything was according to the rules. I NEVER would go with others who were buying likes, views, or any kind of odd appreciation for their work. I want REAL, ORGANIC everything that has to do with my business, and that is what you have done for me. I am number 1 and on the first page on so many keywords on google and youtube that you have set me up with that it became embarrassing continuing taking the screen shots. My descriptions remained true to my videos and so have my titles. I have included many screen shots, please chose which ever you like, to prove the point that you have done what you have promised 🙂 Much Love, Kathy


Hello Scott, Another brill session – than you. I get a huge amount out of our time together. I feel all focused and directed afterwards – and your insight is really useful. I particularly like the ‘it’s time you started thinking like a rich person’. That’s gold. Can’t wait to have you actually on the summit itself – you are the perfect mix of having been there and not only survived and flourished.

Liz S

Hello Scott,Testimony for Ray’s services: Through the building of a keyword list, Ray offered me a way to organize and target my marketing efforts. I knew the value of keywords, but I seemed “verbally paralyzed” when it came to developing my own list. My efforts resembled the act of randomly throwing darts and just hoping they would hit the target. With the list Ray created, I can now confidently create YouTube videos and position them in a way that my intended market will find them and ultimately connect with my services and products.

Rosemary Degner

Ray is a gentle soul with lots of patience. I would know because I truly didn't understand what the heck I was supposed to do with all those keywords once I had them. He kindly gave me an hour of his precious time to make sure that I understood. Thank you Scott for introducing me to Ray – I’m glad our paths have crossed and I look forward to working with you both in the coming months and years.

Kathi Naumann

Scott, you have had the most amazing and positive impact on my life. My biggest fear has always been that I could not compete in the huge ocean of established players in my niche. You showed me that I could and now I do and all thanks to your help, encouragement, and real solutions. Thanks

David N

haha, thanks, and again for tonight, I meant it when I said the momentum is building. I made quite a bit of progress on my first product, have been working with Chelsea, then got a little overwhelmed and started thinking it wasn’t good enough, good as what’s already out there. but your calls are helping me to move forward again. I also liked that you said we don’t have to know it all to get it out there and start making money. Damn perfectionism

Julie N

Ray really knows how to talk techy in a way that makes me (the client) feel knowledgeable and empowered pretty much instantly. He works fast, ‘gets’ what me and my business are all about and then helps me translate that into valuable Internet currency (in my case Google keywords). Ray is a true gentleman to work with – I highly recommend both his fun and personable approach (which makes the process so enjoyable) and his in-depth Internet expertise (which will make my implementation of his advice profitable!).

Rikke H

It’s our great pleasure to write this review and testimonial about our experience working with Scott Morris. Scott has a most interesting way of looking at life and business that has helped us achieve success. As he says, sometimes you just have to look at things from a different perspective and everything comes together. Armed with that and the real tools he provides has allowed us to reach our business goals, and surprisingly, it has also helped in life as well. Thanks

Jim & Lisa Evans

Scott is a rock star business consultant who really digs in and gives his undivided attention. If you have an opportunity to work with him, even if it’s just for one short session, the value you will get is tremendous. Love ya!

James L

It’s real simple, without Scott’s help my business would be nothing, Period, Paragraph!

Chris L

Online marketing can be daunting, but Scott makes it simple and cuts through all the muck and delivered just what I needed without any of the fluff. I am sure I saved years slogging through the maze that exists out there with all the guru’s and garbage.

Jimmy J

I met Scott when he worked for Eben Pagan and was immediately impressed with his candor and knowledge. In just a few sessions with Scott, I knew I was working with a guy who himself did not have time for bs, and was not going to string me along, but rather get right down to the good stuff fast. I can’t wait to see his new video marketing program, I know it’s going to be great.

Michael R

Thanks Scott for all your help, it’s been amazing and uplifting and I really know now that I can succeed online. Before you I had serious doubts. No more.

Agustin C

I would pay $1000 an hour to be coached by Scott and it would be worth every penny.


Ray took the description of my target audience and translated it into more than 250 keyword combinations. He found keywords I wouldn’t have thought to consider. He talked me through how to use the keywords. Ray knows what he’s doing!


The introduction to Video Marketing Scholars did 3 things. It increased my confidence of gaining the skill of increasing quality traffic to websites. It highlighted the value of the course. It introduced me to the one of the educators, Scott Morris. Scott showed his refined communication and sales skills as he shared his background and explained the Video Marketing Stud course. The key thing I learnt is that it’s possible to learn to rank videos #1 on Google and You Tube. Especially when I was shown #1 ranked videos on Google that were created by Scott and Ray. I was made aware of the value of having the skills taught in Video Marketing Scholars. I was shown how companies are paying significant amounts to get onto the 1st page of Google for their particular area, whereas Scott was securing the #1 ranking for free. I’m looking forward to promoting and doing Video Marketing Scholars.

Yvette Diaz

Thanks for your webinar to The Naked Entrepreneur Group in Perth. Now I realize the role that videos play in marketing and driving traffic to a website and will surely look at a you tube video through a new set of criteria! Thanks for simplifying the video making process, it is great to know that plenty of fancy equipment and technology is NOT needed.


"WOW! What a BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT, BRILLIANT webniar that I was just part of! Scott, I have gained so much ENTHUSIASM, CLARITY AND DIRECTION just by listening to your one hour webinar. It's so SIMPLE! Thank you so much for sharing your time, energy and extremely valuable knowledge. I'm now back on track with a new found focus and the hunger to power forward. PS: Love the sense of humour mate!"


Thank you very much Scott for your great presentation on Saturday. It was brilliant to see just how easy it is to present a professional looking video with such simple tools and equipment. It was very valuable to me to discover I can have multiple websites on different topics and still be authentic to my audience. I am looking forward to creating my short videos and I can't wait to hear what Ray has to tell us.


The value of your presentation was immeasurable. The idea of using videos as a way to draw potential clients to my website, build trust and increase organic Google ranking is something that never occurred to me. Even if I did think of it I would have put it in the too hard basket due to "lack of equipment" "I'm too shy" "I wouldn't know what topic to choose or how to talk about it". After hearing Scott talking about it, it really opened up a world of possibilities for me. Not only can I improve my current business, I have the opportunity to do so many other things - I am not just stuck in my current field. Thank you Scott for showing me opportunities I didn't see before.

Dr. Estee Lombard

As you spoke to us via the webinar on Saturday, a possibility was planted within me, that had never been there before. Income generated via websites was not in any construct I held. It is now. Thanks Scott, for expanding my realm of all possibilities. The seed was planted. What fruits are to be harvested? I am grateful for your willingness to explain the workings of your world with me/us.

Helen McCarthy

Scott, thank you so much for giving up your time on Saturday to share your video marketing knowledge. Simply learning the four essentials of video making alone, has helped me add authenticity and professionalism to my videos.


This weekend's course of #thenakednentrepreneur has been absolutely mind blowing Scott. The simplicity of what your teaching must be kept a secret otherwise everyone is going to grab the lime light. I am still really excited from your presentation even though it was yesterday and cannot wait to see what else you have under the hood, like Ray's search optimization. Bring it on 🙂

Michael McDonald

Thank you so much for presenting such incredible information at NE last weekend. The introduction to Scott Morris and what he can teach me - is endless opportunity, Only by watching a short video - the possibilities of what can be done inspired me to look at different direction to develop and learn my skills at internet. Video Marketing is definitely the fastest and the most powerful skill I can learn to improve my fast track to prosperity and wealth. Thank you again Paul for delivering a very inspiring weekend of knowledge.

Eva Palecka

What a fantastic presentation with Scott and Ray from Video Marketing Scholars. An engaging program with an easy to follow step by step walk through of the many elements that make great video making.  I am incredibly inspired from it with so many nuggets of information that I can now use to develop my own videos and get them ranked Number 1 in all the major search engines. No excuses now!! Thanks for making it easy for me to get started on my video making journey.

Caroline Badminton

After listening to the Webinar from Scott, I have learnt valuable information that I will be able to apply when developing my idea for video marketing called "the teen entrepreneur" I have now gone on to use the tips provided from the Webinar and Scott's website to make my Facebook pages and websites ranked #1 on Google. I learnt a great deal from the Webinar and look forward to hearing more in the near future!!

Alexx Tseronis

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you