Keyword Research

Welcome to the Keyword Research classes.  You will find all our trainings below.

In this module you are going to learn about the cornerstone of our business – keyword research.

Everything starts with keyword research and it gets your videos ranked on Page One of Google and YouTube. If you don’t follow these rules exactly, you will have very little success with video marketing.

Why do we put so much emphasis on keyword research? It’s simple. It gets your videos ranked quickly and efficiently and more importantly, we follow YouTube’s rules to get these rankings.

Let’s review the non-negotiable rules first:

  • Your main keyword phrase always is put at the very beginning of your title
  • You should try to put 2 or more keyword phrases in your title
  • You should create titles that are no longer than 60 characters with spaces (The only exception is if you are doing local marketing and the conditions suggest other strategies)
  • The very beginning of your description should mirror your title almost identically
  • You should use 10-15 related keywords throughout your description
  • You should name your video file your main keyword
  • You should create at least 100 videos in one year
  • Each channel you create must have a single purpose otherwise you will confuse YouTube and Google
  • You should redo your titles if your videos aren’t ranking on Page One within the first 2 weeks

There seems to be a lot of “you should” statements listed in the non-negotiable section, right? A lot of time and effort were put into this strategy and you shouldn’t try to ad lib.

Unless you have a foolproof system, you will find this strategy will work great as long as you follow the rules we have laid out.

Training Materials:

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