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Meet Justin Bieber
Keyword Case Study

This is an absolutely fascinating story. We have clients in Antwerp, Belgium that are singers and disc jockeys. They spent 87 hours creating an acapella (without instruments) version of Justin Bieber’s hit, “Baby”.

They launched their video and had pretty good success. They had around 2,900 video views for their YouTube video, but they were anxious to get many more views.

The reason they put so much time and effort into this video is because they wanted to meet Justin Bieber when he came to Antwerp in April 2013.

We looked over their title and it was very non-descript. It was ranked on Page One of YouTube, but there were only 24 videos. So we changed some things around with the title and the description and they were still Number One, but for 17,000 video results.

We also spent a whopping $5 dollars on Fiverr and got someone to write us press releases. This got the video instant attention all over Europe.

As a result, Justin Bieber’s group got a hold of this very talented trio and wanted to meet them. Unfortunately, the meeting never occurred, but the video now has over 29,000 views in less than 3 months. That’s a 10-fold increase!

When you get a chance, listen to this great rendition of “Baby” :

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