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YouTube is the second largest search in the world behind Google. Google and YouTube account for approximately 75% of the search on the Internet.

This alone is reason enough to join in on the bandwagon. But it is not the only reason. YouTube is a FREE medium for anyone to upload content.

At the beginning of 2013, YouTube introduced a brand new feature to their website. YouTube channel owners now have the ability to add clickable links directly to their videos.

You may be wondering what these clickable links mean, right? If you link your YouTube Channel to an “associated website”, you can add links directly in your videos that allows you to send viewers to a squeeze page or landing page.

For now, this service is free. The only thing you have to do is allow YouTube to put an advertisement at the beginning of your video. Hopefully, YouTube won’t start charging you for this service.

If you are beginning in marketing, you may have noticed the sheer numbers of videos that are shown all over the Internet. More and more people are looking to YouTube to find answers to their problems.

If you have the ability to provide answers to your viewers’ problems, you can start building an audience. This is particularly important if you have little or no money in your budget for marketing.

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