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Custom Thumbnails And Fiverr

Why are custom Thumbnails important on YouTube? A majority of videos are given one of three thumbnails that YouTube chooses from your video. These three choices may not be what you want, but you’re stuck with them.

As you continue to create more videos, YouTube will grant you the right to add custom thumbnails to your videos. When you get the okay from YouTube, you should immediately start changing over your thumbnails.

Custom thumbnails usually stand out in a sea of mundane pictures on YouTube. More importantly, custom thumbnails really stand out on Google and the likelihood of someone clicking on your video goes up tremendously.

The second component of this video is to describe uploading your video to other video submission sites. Yes, YouTube probably accounts for 80% of video uploads, but there are other sites you can get your videos on too.

You want to head over to and type “video submission” into the search bar. Here are the important steps you should follow to get the most bang for your buck:

  • Where your traffic is coming fromClick on the “Rating” tab. This pulls up the “Top-Rated” performers. This is the group you want to hire for your Gig
  • Look for people that “manually submit” your video. Also, look for the people that submit to about 25 different sites
  • Upload your YouTube video first and then give the Fiverr person your YouTube link. Never send them a raw file

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