YouTube class :

YouTube Merchant Partners

What if you don’t have a website and you would like to make money 24/7? Is this possible? You bet it is. YouTube has a partnership with over 50 businesses.

You can create clickable links on your videos that will go directly to the stores you create through these YouTube partners.

Most of these partners don’t charge you anything for creating a store. And the best part about creating the stores is the process is pretty simple.

You will need to do a couple of things to get started. I will walk you through the steps to verify your YouTube Channel so you can access the “Merch” link in your YouTube annotations section.

Don’t worry; this won’t take much effort. The most challenging thing you will do is deciding which partners you want to create a store with.

Once you get your stores looking the way you want, you can start creating videos to drive customers to your stores with the clickable links on your YouTube videos.


Training Materials: