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Camtasia Features

In this video, you will get an overview of Camtasia. This is a screen recording program and screen editing program. It is used primarily on PC computers and there is a version for Macs too.

The program costs around $300. If you can’t afford Camtasia, Windows-based computers have MovieMaker. This is a free program and it should already be loaded on your computer.

We use 2 screen-recording programs for our business. We use Camtasia for PCs and Screenflow for Macs. These programs are very versatile and they are excellent for capturing whatever you have on your screen.

Many of the videos in this program have been recorded using Camtasia. We tried to show you as many features as we could on Camtasia so you get an idea of its functionality.

Techsmith, the maker of Camtasia, offers very good video instruction and they also offer a 30-day trial for free. Your best bet is to start with a free trial because $300 is a lot of money if you don’t plan on using the program much.

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