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Organizing your Amazon S3 Videos with the S3 Organizer

Does it drive you crazy when you watch the spinning wheel of a video waiting for it to load? I’m guessing every other person on the planet feels the same way.

You can easily prevent this from happening when you upload a video to Amazon S3. Amazon offers a service that is tremendously cheap to host your videos.

So what do you need? If you already have an Amazon account to purchase items, you are half way there. The next step is to get setup on Amazon S3. You can use this link to get started:

There’s a little bit of a learning curve to get started, but it is well worth the effort. Once you have completed this task, you should use a very simple FireFox plugin called the S3 Organizer that you download onto FireFox browser. The link for this plugin is:

There is also a little learning curve with this plugin, but once you learn it, you’ll wonder why you never had it on your computer before.

Training Materials: