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Video Marketing class:

Using The All-In-One-SEO Plugin For SEO Optimization

We put an absolute premium on generating the right keywords for your videos, articles and blog posts. You should be putting your videos on your website. Google and YouTube place a great deal of importance on this so should you.

There are plenty of WordPress plugins (free and paid) for SEO optimization. So why choose All-In-One-SEO plugin? First of all it’s free and the creator continues to update the plugin and that is very important.

Will All-In-One-SEO help you with YouTube videos? Yes, in a round about way if you load your videos onto a video website. Here you would be creating video posts and the same rules apply as if you were writing a regular written post.

Google and YouTube can send their spiders out to your website and use the information you put into All-In-One-SEO. This is no different than adding meta-data (title, keywords and description) to your YouTube page when you upload a video.

If you choose to go with another WordPress plugin, that’s fine just make sure you use some plugin.

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