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On-Page SEO class:

Are Your Web Pages Dropping Like An Acapulco Diver?

If you have a website, this means you are probably conducting business on the Internet.  It seems obvious, right?

One of the biggest challenges you have is getting your message out to people searching the Internet for answers to their problems.

Research has been done to figure out how many times someone will click on your listing.

For any given first page search result, the breakdown is as follows for organic listings:  53% goes to the first listing, 15% goes to the second listing, 9% goes to the third listing, 6% goes to the fourth listing and 3% goes to the 5th listing.

Your prospects for success below the fifth spot become very slim.  This is why on-page search engine optimization (SEO) is so important.

In this video, we are going to address six things you can do to improve your web page and post page rankings, especially if they are dropping faster than an Acapulco Diver.

These are not difficult things to do, but they should be added to your toolbox so you can run a successful Internet business.

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