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Welcome to the Ezine Articles classes.  You will find all our trainings below.

You may be wondering what Ezine Articles has to do with video marketing? It’s a good question and we’ll try to address it here.

Your number one goal is to get traffic to your website, more specifically your squeeze page or landing page. There are many sources of traffic you can use and we have chosen Ezine Articles.

Why you might be asking? Let’s take a step back and look at the keyword research we ask you to do. You can use the same keywords to write Ezine Articles.

More importantly, Ezine Articles are a great source of relevant back links for your website. Let’s say you write 52 articles in a year (one per week).

You will have more important back links pointing to your website then if you paid somebody $5 on Fiverr to get you a bunch of junk back links that aren’t relevant to your website.

The article helps build authority for your website and it is a source of free traffic since you have a link in the resource box of your article.

Your biggest concern probably is that you are not a good writer. That shouldn’t stop you from writing decent articles. Here’s the formula that will help you get articles approved on Ezine Articles:

  • Create a title that will deliver on the topic you are covering
  • Be specific with your keywords because you only get 100 characters (usually 4-6 keyword phrases)
  • Repeat your title in the first paragraph. It doesn’t have to be in one long string, but all the keywords you use in your title should be in the first paragraph
  • State the problem you intend to help someone within the first or second paragraph
  • Tell your readers you will give them 3, 5, 7 or 10 tips in paragraph three
  • Spend the remaining time in the body of your article explaining what the tips are (remember, you only have 400-500 words to use in the body of your articles)
  • Use the last paragraph of your body to restate your title (example: These 7 tips will help you get free traffic for free and get more website visitors if you follow these tips)
  • Use the resource box to invite the reader to click on the link. Make sure your statement is compelling so make sure you have a strong call to action (CTA)
  • Avoid using any fancy techniques on Ezine Articles (bullet points, etc.) because they get all twisted up and you will be penalized
  • Write a summary that is 2-5 sentences long. You can write up to 300 words, but that seems like overkill. Try use your title keywords throughout the summary

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