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Submitting An Ezine Article

In this video, you will see the results I achieved on Bing and Yahoo. You’ll see that my article got ranked:

We updated this video in 2015 to make sure our strategy still meets the standard of getting a number one position on the search engines.  The answer is an unequivocal YES!

Since we have a “Platinum Author” status on Ezine Articles, we have the ability to get approved or disapproved within 48 hours.

This article was adapted from a video we did for our “Google My Business” Module.  It took 2 hours to write, video record the steps and submit for approval.

Within 2 hours Ezine Articles approved the article.  This is a nice way to generate traffic especially since it achieved a number one listing on Yahoo and Bing within 2 hours of approval.  Additionally, this article can now be used as a back link to our website.

  • Number 1 on Yahoo and Bing for the original title
  • Number 1 with a variation of the title
  • Number 5 for almost 1 billion page results

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