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More people search for businesses online than anywhere else, so it’s important to make sure your local business listing can be easily found on and Google Maps.

With Google My Business, creating a great listing takes just a few minutes and doesn’t cost a thing. Plus, you can reach millions of Google viewers for FREE.

The local search market is ultra-competitive and Google places a premium on listing local businesses first for the appropriate keywords.

Why is this information important for you to know?

Many small businesses across the globe have no idea how powerful first page rankings can be for their business. It becomes even more pronounced if your listing is in the number one position on Google.

Take a look at a study done by and see how important it is to be in the number one position on Google.

At the very minimum, if your listing isn’t found in the top 5 organic listings, the chances of being found are almost zero.

Can the same be said about pay-per-click (PPC) advertising? The graph here seems to take on the old Las Vegas adage, “The House Always Wins”.

Does this graph indicate that the only place to be is at the top of Page One or to the right? Based on consumers’ preference, the only place to be is at the top of Page One.

Again, why even bring this up?

If you are reading this right now, it means you have signed up for a membership to Video Marketing Stud.

You are either interested in helping local businesses get that coveted first spot on the first page of Google or you are a business owner that needs to find a better way to get found by your customers.

To add further salt to the wound, take a look at the following graph and see the impact PPC advertising has if you aren’t in one of the top three listings at the top of the page:

This indicates that the top three paid listings account for 83% of PPC traffic.

You might as well be a vulture picking up the scraps of a dead carcass if you expect to spend money on the right vertical column or bottom of the page.

So how do you get one of the three spots at the top? You need a Brink’s Truck full of money, brother.

Is there a better alternative? Yes there is. This is where Video Marketing Scholar step in and shows you how to get number one rankings on Google and YouTube.

If you follow our rules and if you create 100+ videos, your content will be found on multiple number one listings on page one of Google.

You have to understand that Google and YouTube reward you if you follow their rules. Too many marketers are trying to bypass the rules and make an easy buck.

It does not work in the local business market. Gimmicks will get you nowhere and you will never be found.

Does it sound crazy to create 100 videos? Maybe in the beginning it does, but if you do this, you will be rewarded handsomely as a consultant for a business or as a business owner trying to save money and doing it yourself.

Creating 100 videos the Google and YouTube way is like telling the truth. You never have to make excuses for your actions.

Let’s get started with Google My Business

Before we get started, it is important to understand the implications of getting ranked locally whether it’s on Google or any of the local search directories.

This is a competitive market – local business listings. If you intend on conquering this market, you need to do you homework. Start by reviewing each of these videos.

It may take you several times to understand what you need to do, but it will help you compete. A lot of time is spent in the beginning of this module looking at Google My Business and keyword research.

The most important question a business owner is going to ask you, “how much?” That question will stop you dead in your tracks if you aren’t prepared.

We inserted some very important graphs in the beginning of this module for you to use. If a local business isn’t on page one of Google and they have not established a strong relationship with the community yet it is “game over”

This is where video marketing comes in to help save you. It does not take that much effort for you to create a short 1-2 minute video for free.

That’s why we spend a lot of time on keyword research here. We also tell you where NOT to place your videos (any title that generates a Google Map and Google 7-Pack).

You need to stand out and demonstrate to your potential customer that creating videos and improving Google My Business rankings will have a significant impact on his business.

Please do not try to call on a local business until you have gone through this entire section. You need to be recognized as an expert otherwise you will blow some opportunities you could have saved.


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